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Elysion Hotel co-operates with Lesvos Ride in order to provide you with exceptional bike adventures. Lesvos Ride specializes in bicycle tourism and many bike activities. We offer complete bike tourism packages, bike guided tours by experienced guides providing high quality mountain bikes and equipment, personal mountain bike courses from a Certified Cycling Trainer (MIAS L2 Mountain Bike Leader), perfection of mountain bike technics or safe biking seminars. We also organize bike events and races. The members of Lesvos Ride have more than 15 years of experience in mountain bike and they promise to guide you with safety to the nature trails of Lesvos Island. Discover a hidden paradise in our mountains and make bicycle the new eco-tourism way of travelling. For more information do not hesitate to ask the hotel’s reception. Check out our activities in our website and contact us at .


Whether you are an experienced sailor or it is your first time on a sailing boat, a daily sailing trip in Lesvos’ waters is something you have to experience. We can cruise together around the island and explore the variety of landscapes, the architecture and the differences of the coastline. During our daytrip you can swim, fish, do snorkeling, sunbathing or just relax. Around noon a tasteful lunch will be prepared from us out of pure ingredients and local recipes. For the rest of the day, according to your wishes, we can sail to different spots or to the open sea, or even put our flag to the top of an islet. Fresh fruit and juices, tea or coffee will be offered in the afternoon. In the evening, while sailing back you can enjoy the sunset…
Just bring your bathing-suit, a towel, sunglasses, a hat, sun-tan oil and let us arrange the rest.

Ξενοδοχεία στην Μυτιλήνη Λέσβου
Tennis close to hotel lesvos Elysion


Situated 100m from the hotel is a modern tennis center, where four cushion life tennis courts are situated with Olympic specifications and also three green set courts. The courts can be used by our guests during their holiday.

Fly over the Aegean Sea

If you want to experience a unique emporia, a closer look at a flight and talk with amateur pilots, visit Aeroclub Mytilene, which is housed in the state airport of Mytilene. Its activities include the implementation of fire safety of flights, participation in events for the annual celebration of aviation, the execution of addiction flights for those who want it and participation in research – rescue exercises in the Aegean. The club welcomes all who are moved by the air concept. For more information contact the hotel reception or call tel. 22510-38765 and 22510-63025.

δραστηριοτητες αεροπλανο πτηση
Water sports Lesvos Elysion Hotel

Water Sports

In the area of Eressos and Vatera there are many companies engaged in water sports . The instructors are experienced and meet all safety standards . You can try water skiing , parachute flying , bikes , canoes , tubes , bananas , fly fish, excursions by boat to nearby beaches and many other great sports. For more information contact the hotel reception or call direct on tel . 6945039280

Scuba Diving

Elysion Hotel co-operates with Lesvos Scuba and offers you full dive services. In the rich natural beauty of Lesvos you can indulge in diving trips, as you are given the opportunity to explore the wonderful seabed of the island and discover a vibrant underwater world. Lesvos Scuba’s instructors are qualified and officially recognized by the Greek Government and PADI – CMAS. They follow the PADI educational system and standards, offering a full range of courses, covering the needs of complete novices and experienced divers. All courses are fully supported with the latest educational material (manuals, CD’s, DVD’s etc.) They use Scubapro diving equipment (regulators, BCD’s, suits, etc.) Dive with Lesvos Scuba, no matter what your experience is, and enjoy the beauty and calm waters the Mediterranean Sea has to offer! For more information do not hesitate to ask the hotel’s reception or visit

Scuba diving Lesvos