The Best Getaway

Elysion Hotel co-operates with Lesvos Ride in order to provide you with exceptional bike adventures. Lesvos Ride specializes in bicycle tourism and many bike activities. We offer complete bike tourism packages, bike guided tours by experienced guides providing high quality mountain bikes and equipment, personal mountain bike courses from a Certified Cycling Trainer (MIAS L2 Mountain Bike Leader), perfection of mountain bike technics or safe biking seminars. We also organize bike events and races. The members of Lesvos Ride have more than 15 years of experience in mountain bike and they promise to guide you with safety to the nature trails of Lesvos Island. Discover a hidden paradise in our mountains and make bicycle the new eco-tourism way of travelling. For more information do not hesitate to ask the hotel’s reception. Check out our activities in our website www.lesvosride.gr and contact us at [email protected] .