Find your peace of mind in Lesvos

When one is to visit Mytilini, Lesvos Island, most of the time is unsure what to expect. It is a Greek island after all one might say. Of course there is the sea, the sun, the beaches, the lifestyle, the excellent food, the beautiful villages. But hey, there is a lot more to explore and experience. Check out the all year round hot springs, the castles, the mountain biking routes, the water falls, the summer festivals, the mountain trekking, the boat sailing, the breathtaking petrified forest, the vast changes of the landscape.


At a glance you admire the wild olive trees standing there for centuries, and in the next turn you see the volcanic landscape which makes you wonder if you are really on a Greek island. The amazing sunsets, the serenity of the environment, the bird watching, the tavernas with the local food, freshly cooked just for you on the spot. So much more can be said, and the truth is that Lesvos Island has been, is and always will be a little treasure in the Aegean waters, a little paradise that combines a bit of everything like no other all year round. Please visit us and tell us your experience.